Withholding tax on income Paid to overseas companies

Profit remittance tax (Applicable to a branch’s profit remittance) 10%
Withholding tax
Dividend 10%
Profit on sale of shares 15%
Interest 15%
Royalties 15%
Service fees 15%
Professional service fees 15%
Rent 15%

NB : If the income recipient is in a country having a double taxation agreement (DTA) with Thailand, reference must be made to the DTA as to the respective reduced tax rate and possible tax exemption.

List of countries having a DTA with Thailand
Armenia Hungary Poland
Australia India Romania
Austria Indonesia Russian Federation
Bahrain Ireland Seychelles
Bangladesh Israel Singapore
Belarus Italy Slovenia
Belgium Japan South Africa
Bulgaria Kuwait South Korea
Canada Laos Spain
Chile Luxembourg Sri Lanka
China Malaysia Sweden
Chinese Chinese Taipei Switzerland
Cyprus Myanmar Tajikistan
Czech Republic Nepal Turkey
Denmark Netherlands Ukraine
Estonia New Zealand United Arab Emirates
Finland Norway United Kingdom
France Oman United States
Germany Pakistan Uzbekistan
Hong Kong Philippines Vietnam