Specific business tax

Specific business tax (SBT)

Typs of business Tax base Tax rate (including municipal tax)
Banking and quasibanking Interest, discounts, fees, FOREX revenue, etc. 3.3%
Finance, securities and credit foncier Same as banking 3.3%
Factoring Interest, discounts, fees and service charges 3.3%
Life insurance Interest, fees and service charge 2.75%
Pawn broking Interest, fees and sales of pawned items 2.75%
Trading in immovable properties Gross receipts 3.3%
Sale of securities on the SET Gross receipts 0.1% (currently exempt)

Additional type of transaction specified by Royal Decrees may also give rise to SBT obligations, such as transactions under repurchase agreements (Repos)
1 The rate of 3.3% is reduced to 0.011% for certain banking, quasi-banking, finance, securities and credit foncier business transactions.